The Smart New Way to Watch TV

Smart TVs are the new vogue. If you step out to buy a television set today, you will see that most customers have preferences for Smart TVs. It is after all, another step towards building a Smart Home with increased convenience. Most of us know from the advertisements that we see, that a Smart LED TV gives us a high quality TV viewing experience; lifelike, rich picture quality and sharp sound. We also know that they come with in-built internet connectivity that allows us to access several online services. However, there’s a lot more that you can do with them. Take a look.

  • Real-Time Connect

One of the major strengths of a Smart TV is the extensive assortment of online applications that it offers; from Social Media apps to News, Entertainment, Sports, etc. Some of them even come with their own official app centres from where you can download additional apps. Through these apps you can check your social media accounts and make video calls from the TV itself.

  • Online Video and Music Streaming

It’s convenience at its best. Through Smart TVs you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. The in-built internet connectivity enables you to stream your favourite TV shows, movies and any kind of music that you like through the available apps. You no longer have to depend on your cable operators or wait for the shows to be broadcast on one of the TV channels.

  • Gaming Through TV

Those who love playing video games, can now enjoy their favourite games on a large HD quality TV screen. Isn’t this like a dream come true? Plus, many Smart TVs give gamers open access to hundreds of games available on cloud through the in-built internet connectivity. This means you can easily stream their favourite online games from cloud to your TV sets, without downloading them!

  • Multiple Programmes At The Same Time

Several Smart TVs provide viewers with the ability to multitask through their TV sets. How? They allow multiple programmes to run on your TV screen at the same time. So you can easily watch your favourite show on one half of the TV screen while you check your Twitter and Facebook profile updates on the other half!

  • Easy Controls

Since Smart TVs are all about convenience, many brands have managed to almost eliminate the need for a remote control to navigate through the TV sets. There are a few brands that allow you to navigate through the TV by using your smartphones. On the other hand, some high-end brands have taken convenience to a whole new level by providing voice & gesture control!

So go ahead and explore all the amazing features that you can avail with a Smart TV. And to enjoy an uninterrupted TV viewing experience you can get your Videocon D2H recharge done online through Our other benefits include the ability to store 10 Mobile/DTH/Data card numbers in each category, repeat a recharge, auto schedule recharge, mobile APP, recharge plans, coupons, etc.

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