When it comes to formal wear, most of us are always confused about what to wear and how to style. Formal dress up does not necessarily require different sets of clothes; one can get the formal look from their casual wardrobe with just a little bit of modification.

You can create a formal look out of your casual clothes, yet you might need certain items solely for your formal occasions.

Pants are a crucial part of your formal look, a simple pair of jeans can be styled into giving a formal look, yet there are a lot of different sorts of bottom wear or formal pants for women online that you can shop and team up for your office.

Some of the most common pairs of pants that everyone should possess for their formal look are:

  • Straight cut pants:
    These are full-length straight cut trousers perfect for formal looks. You can buy them in two types— one is loosely fitted, and the others are the semi-loose ones. The loose ones have a flair cut, whereas, the semi-loose ones look a lot like cigarette pants, somewhere in between jeans and palazzos.
  • Cigarette pants:
    These are the most versatile form of pants you can have. You can recreate any look out of this pair of pants. Throw on a funky t-shirt you will get a perfect casual look, or wear a white shirt, and you are ready for your office. These are like straight cut pants, but it ends exactly above your ankles. If you are looking for something to make you look taller, these are perfect for you.
  • Culottes:
    These are shorter versions of palazzos. Flair cut and very loose fitting and end around your calves— giving you a perfect look for your office when teamed up with a bright coloured shirt. These are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can get them in pleated forms or with some embellishments around the waist.
  • A line trouser:
    These are the most common pair of pants you need for your office. If you do not want to experiment with your office look, buy a pair of trousers— the most common formal pants for women online. Buy them in the most common colours such as black, white, creme, beige or any other pastel colour.

If you are investing in buying different kinds of bottom wear or formal pants for women online, buy two or three pairs of simple linen shirts that will go with any pair of bottom wear you own and give you the perfect office look.

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