It is Vital to Choose an Expert Courier Service for Shipping Dangerous Goods

If you have dangerous goods that need to be shipped, it is very important you choose a reliable and professional courier service. Also keep in mind because the items you want shipped are dangerous you will want to talk with an expert in advance on when you would like your items shipped. This can help a courier company in many ways such as finding out the rules and regulations that may apply to the destination you want the items delivered to. Fastway Express has several professionals that can provide advice on such matters that deal with dangerous goods. Hazardous and dangerous goods shipping is a very intricate procedure and should always be dealt with by a specialist with a high level of knowledge in transportation of dangerous goods.

Use the Services of a Reputable Courier Company

When you use the services provided by a reputable courier company, they make sure to offer you full service transportation solutions for your dangerous goods. Compliance is an extreme concern when it comes to shipping dangerous goods such as chemicals, gases, firearms and accessories to name a few. Their experts will guarantee that all activities performed are in full agreement with global safety standards. They follow to IMDG, IATA and ICAO regulations for the safe and transport handling of all kinds of hazardous and dangerous goods.

Compliance Inspections and Dangerous Goods Services Include:

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and Sea
  • Packaging with Dry Ice and Other Items
  • Safety Advisor services
  • Packaging Inspection
  • Preparation of Declarations for Dangerous Goods
  • MSDS Classification and Management
  • Door to Door Delivery and Collection
  • Dangerous Goods Inspections

Reasons Why you Should Choose Fastway Express

Their employees follow the guidelines and regulations. They have exceptional services and you can at all times expect efficiency. An air freight service provided by them is affordable and reliable. Custom clearance situations are handled by them along with air and sea freight bookings for exports and imports. The experience their experts have on all types of chemical samples are extensive. In India they are the oldest independent air cargo carrier and have a superb track record as far as safety is concerned. No matter what dangerous goods you need shipped out they can provide that service for you in various locations throughout the globe. They strive to work with all their customers’ needs and make sure each customer is completely satisfied with the services they receive.

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