Experienced And Professional Laundry And Leather Services

Experienced And Professional Laundry And Leather Services

Pressto India is one of the top most laundry companies in India offering the best laundry services and catering to all your laundry needs and requirements. They give you only specialist and professional laundry services which range from the cleaning of all your laundry items, washing, pressing and dry cleaning of laundry. One can be guaranteed that your laundry items are handled with complete care. They have branches all over India which extend to even the remotest of areas. They also handle emergency laundry services.

Pressto India is a company dealing with all aspects of garment care and care of other such accessories like leather jackets, handbags, purses, shoes, etc. It is a joint concern with years of experience in such services throughout India. It is currently expanding its services in various states and cities in India. Till date it has more than thirty retail stores across India.

They offer only the best dry cleaning services. They not only remove the dirt and grime found on the garments, but they also maintain the hygiene and other such aspects while handling your dry-cleaning needs. They ensure that your laundry is handled with extreme care and gentleness without causing damages and wrinkles to your laundry. One can be ensured that you will receive it back in pristine condition almost looking brand new.

They are the only specialists who’s a special cleaning solvent after every cleaning stage. Each piece of laundry goes through various stages of cleaning.

They also handle luxury leather cleaning. Each leather piece is assessed well before a choice is made as to which procedure is to be adopted the leather cleaning. They ensure that only the best procedures and techniques are adopted to clean your precious luxury leather, be it shoes, or leather handbags or purses. They also offer alternate suggestions, repair work as well as protective coating services.

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