How To Choose Great Wall Decor

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Wallpaper Store

The right wall decor can make your home stand out from the crowd. Through decorative wall art, you can personalize your surroundings to reflect your personality and character. At Atlantic Wallpaper & Decor, we can help you display wall decor in a tasteful and creative way to add a touch of class to your environment. Here are a few ideas for selecting and displaying amazing wall art that’s just right for your home.

One Piece to Say it All

One piece can often say it all when it comes to making a statement. A bold piece of artwork can add a splash of color to a room without cluttering your wall. If you’re going to go with one piece on a wall, make sure it adequately covers the space you want to fill, so it doesn’t appear like something’s missing from the decor.

Coordinating Various Pieces on Various Walls

There are various ways to coordinate wall decor in a room without clashing. One way is to select pieces with similar styles or colors that complement each other. Another idea is to hang one colorful piece on one wall and neutral shades on adjacent walls to bring the room together. Classy black and white wall decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL can also unify a room as the pieces won’t compete with each other for attention.

Grouping Wall Art

For large walls, you might try grouping wall art together to add color and life to your environment. You can surround one major piece of colored artwork with black and white photographs or group a number of black and white photos together to create the look you desire. Putting artwork in frames with similar colors and designs can also create a unified environment.

For more ideas on how to represent your artwork fashionably, contact Atlantic Wallpaper & Decor. We’re glad to help with your home decor needs.

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