by | Nov 22, 2017 | Business

Crowdfunding is a term that is quite trending right now. It makes use of social networks to gather money for the greater good. Say for instance, you have a great idea to start a business or a project but lack the proper funds and more importantly, the proper resources. So instead of asking people to help you reach potential investors, what you can do is you approach them yourself, online. Using online tools for crowdfunding not only helps cut down the intervention of a middleman but also helps you reach out to a bigger crowd. Such are the pros of online fundraising Platforms. Now all you have to do is wait for the investors willing to contribute to your cause.

You get to pitch your idea to a much bigger crowd than what you would have managed had you done it manually. Many websites are at work to make fundraising easy. Of them, the one that has been tagged as Asia’s most visited and trusted crowdfunding website is Starting an online fundraising programme using Ketto is super easy and absolutely free. It lets you make changes to and personalise your fundraiser pages according to your wish and requirements. Also you get instant, regular updates on your fundraiser progress via email and SMS.

The website provides tried and tested marketing tips to help better your fundraiser and to make it a success. But there are certain rules to crowdfunding and these are implemented to safeguard inexperienced investors from losing too much on their ventures. There is a limit to how much one can contribute in an investment since if the business fails then the contributors lose a lot. So that has to be taken care of. The websites tell you about those guidelines as well and help you make an informed decision.

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