Muslim Grooms and Your Happiness Are Close at Hand

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Business

The quest to find a suitable spouse is a difficult one in this modern age of technological advancements. The challenge has only increased with the creation of the Internet, and many practicing Muslims are in search of the perfect partner in faith and life. Familial and social ties are straining, and social media and the online world in general have only increased these frustrations. Many people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, have turned to the Internet in order to find the person who can bring joy and happiness to their lives. Keep these helpful tips in mind in order to make your search for a faithful Muslim husband a success, Insha’Allah. As a woman of strong faith, it is important to take all factors into consideration before looking at Muslim grooms.

Be Straightforward About Your Intent

It is important that you make it very clear you are interested in marriage and not merely friendship. Time should not be wasted on pointless topics, as you and any potential Muslim grooms should be focused on a good match. Your potential partner should not be overly interested or obsessed with looks, whether they are yours or his, or with inappropriate topics. As a woman, you deserve to be complimented and feel attractive to your partner; however, too much detail should be saved for your future husband. A faithful man with serious intentions will not try to bring you into such a conversation. Be watchful of a man unwilling to deal with your wali, as this is an indication they are not serious about the idea of marriage. Your wali is there for your support and happiness, and a serious man would not avoid them.

Make Du’a

The most important part of the search for suitable Muslim grooms is to make Du’a to Allah subhana wa ta’ala to guide you to what is best and most beneficial for you. When you do this, do so sincerely, seek good advice, and make an informed decision.

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