A Guide To Dangerous Good Shipping In India

In many types of businesses, including in research, development and in manufacturing, there may be the need to ship various types of dangerous or hazardous goods. This can create significant issues for the business or individual if a professional service is not used to complete the shipping service.

As soon as you are aware you will need to use dangerous good shipping services, it is a good idea to start to contact shippers and couriers. Some companies will only handle specific type or categories of dangerous goods while some may not ship most items that will fall into this classification.

The larger companies that focus on both private as well as corporate shipping and courier services are the best place to start. If the products, chemicals or other materials have to be transported out of India, verifying that the shipper has international capability will be important.

What Are Hazardous Goods or Materials

In all situations, the company providing the dangerous good shipping services will need to be aware of what specifically is in the box. For many types of products, the courier or shipping company may provide information on packing requirements, or may be able to safely and correctly package the material on behalf of the shipper.

Any type of flammable materials or those that may be explosive or have the capability of potentially exploding will be considered as hazardous. This will include all types of canisters used to hold flammable or explosive products, any type of liquid or solid fuels, firearms or firearm accessories, toxic substances, fertilizers or any type of chemicals, radioactive substances or anything that may be corrosive. Medical samples, including infected blood or tissue samples, will also be considered hazardous and dangerous.

Some items are also subject to dangerous good shipping requirements that are a bit of a surprise to most people. Items such as magnets, batteries, mercury thermometers, mobile phones, aerosol cans, electronic items, perfumes and many types of essential oils or even battery operated toys are considered dangerous.

If you are shipping anything by courier or if you are moving a business or residence, take to the courier or relocation company and obtain a complete list of designated dangerous and hazardous goods.

With this information, you can avoid packing or boxing up any problematic items, and you can talk to the shipping service about how to correctly package and ship these items separately and within the governing regulations.

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