3 Tips for Protecting Privacy on Your Mobile Phone

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Business

In today’s world, you would be surprised to find someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Not only can you talk to everyone in the world from your mobile, but also surf the Internet, do your shopping, and even recharge your mobile phone at JustRechargeIt.com, without leaving the comfort of your cozy home.

However, with the ability to add minutes to your mobile phone balance comes an invasion of privacy. While you can add data to your Internet and talk time to your phone at the same time, do all of your shopping right from your phone, and talk to your friends constantly, you also need to take steps to ensure that your information is protected. Read on below for some tips on protecting your privacy on mobile phone.

Always Add a Password

Yes, it is a pain to have to enter a number every time you want to use your mobile phone, but adding a password can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. It is reported that over 25 percent of cell phone users lose their phones at some point. Losing your phone without it being password protected could cause you serious issues in the long term.

Install a Find Your Phone App

There are certain apps out there that you can install for tracking your phone in case you lose it. Some of the apps can wipe and lock your phone remotely for you if the need arises. While these seem like extreme measures, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to maintaining your privacy and safety of the personal information stored on your cell phone.

Never Allow Automatic Connections

Many Smartphones are set up to automatically connect to Wi-Fi wherever you are. It is best to disable these automatic connections as we don’t know which ones are safe and which are not. It takes only a second to connect to a Wi-Fi network that is unsafe. However, it will take much longer for you to fix the damage done by someone getting hold of your personal information.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your privacy safe when using your mobile phone. Don’t forget that you can recharge with a Vodafone Recharge online today by visiting JustRechargeIt.com. Benefits include Storing 10 Mobile/DTH/Data card in each category, Schedule a Recharge, Repeat a Recharge, Mobile APP, Recharge Plans, Coupons, and more.

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