When Moving your Baggage with care is a Top Priority

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Baggage Delivery Service

The need to use a baggage delivery service can vary from customer to customer. What is consistent is that each one desires the content to be moved unharmed and in its entirety to the designated location with on-time delivery.

The Delivery Services FastWay Provides its Customers

For the convenience of our valued customers, we provide a pick up services of your extra baggage at homes or offices. This baggage can then be scheduled to be delivered to your destination whether it is the door of your home in another country or an office. We also make deliveries to seaports and airports if you so desire.

What We need from You to use Our Delivery Service

For us to be able to transport your baggage and contents in a safe or secure manner, a packing or item list of the contents of each piece of baggage is required. We also require a security declaration form to be filled out by our customers. This form will be transported with your baggage as a part of the paper trail of when, where and by whom the baggage is handled on its way to your destination. We also need the necessary customs forms to be filled out if the baggage is to be transported across any intentional borders.

The Pricing of Transporting Baggage

Our pricing of transporting baggage is accomplished in two manners, depending on what is being transported. For most baggage the price is determined by its weight. On selected items the price is determined by volume. On selected destinations in foreign counties where FastWay has a partner located there, COD is also available. There is no extra charge for door to door service in the transporting of your baggage.

Extra Protection that can be Provided to Customers Upon Request

FastWay and our partners only employ reputable people; but some of our customers have requested insurance coverage of their baggage. When it is requested, global insurance on all items being shipped can be purchased for a nominal fee. This type of extra protection is generally only used when the contents of the baggage is of extremely high monetary value.

No matter the reason why you have baggage that is in need of being transported, our reliable and secure baggage delivery service is ready to help you with your needs.

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