Personalized Canvas Prints: A Unique Gift Idea

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Arts & Entertainment

Personalized gifts are something that can be memorable and treasured by the recipient. Taking the time to personalize a photo gift can be extra special. By doing so, you can capture a moment in time and allow the gift recipient to display that moment. There are many ways to integrate a photo into a gift and a popular option is a personalized canvas print.

Personalized Canvas Prints – Ideas

Here are a few ideas:

  • Wedding photos – a great gift for a bride and groom’s parents. It’s also something that a wedding attendee can give as a gift to a bride and groom. You could even have someone’s wedding invitation or engagement photo made into a canvas print.
  • Children’s photos – A wall of canvas photos of your kids from each year of school could be a great way to decorate in ‘family’.
  • Special holidays – special family photos during holiday celebrations could offer you a themed photo. You might have several canvases to choose from for your main family room, based on the season, interchanging various personalized canvas prints based on the season, for example.
  • Vacation photos – Personalized canvas prints of a honeymoon locale or special vacation could be a great keepsake for a loved one, such as for your spouse on a wedding anniversary.

Getting Great Personalized Canvas Prints

In looking at your options for personalized canvas prints, you’ll find retail locations that you can visit. You may also find that you can save time by buying personalized canvas prints online at ArtDotz. Uploading a photo and making a selection of the type of finish, the style of paper, and the size of the canvas can be a great way to do personalized gift shopping from the comfort of your own home. The product can be shipped directly to you or sent to your gift recipient.

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