Money Transfer from Canada to India

In the hope to earn a little extra money so that they can give their family a comfortable and happy life in India, many Indians have gone abroad searching for work. Earlier, attempting to transfer money from Canada to India was a fairly tedious process. There were lines that needed to be stood in, and cheques that were to be signed. However, in our advanced technological world, today we can simply transfer money over the internet. However, doing anything over the internet could obviously be prey to hack-words and passwords stealer, but several systems have been put in place to ensure that you can complete a very safe online money transfer.

This means that apart from being able to send the money without signing or cheques or standing in lines, your money will be received by your family almost immediately. This comes particularly handy in the case of emergencies in case a family member requires some money urgently. While the safety of online transfers may be good, nobody can assure you of any safety if you were to use a public computer. It is advised that you carry out all such business and money transactions over your own personal computer, as computers in the cyber cafe may be set to be save passwords, allowing other people access to your accounts and money. Also remember to check the various clauses and limits that your bank or online transfer agencies have imposed so that you are caught for making a wrong move.

The ability to transfer money through the web has their life easier as well. If some money needs to be moved from a personal to family account or from one account to another, these transfers can also happen online and from the lovely comfort of your office or home. NRIs seeking to send money back home can now do so with comfort and ease and without wasting too much time. The internet truly has made the distance between countries far shorter.

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